A Brief History

of the BWH/MGH Integrated Residency
in Obstetrics and Gynecology

History of involvement of our parent institutions in providing care to women


Boston Lying-In Hospital (BLI) was founded to provide care for pregnant women who were “unable to afford in-home medical care.”


Free Hospital for Women was founded “for poor women affected with diseases peculiar to their sex or in need of surgical aid.”


Vincent Memorial Hospital was founded, dedicated to the “care of wage earning women”

Historical accomplishments of predecessor hospitals:

  • First Women’s Hospital (BLI) affiliated with HMS
  • OB is the fourth oldest department at HMS
  • Walter Channing, founder of BLI, was one of the early HMS deans, and obstetrical specialists David Humphrey Storer and William Lambert Richardson, were also HMS deans
  • First cancer ward for female patients (Free Hospital for Women)
  • First clinic for the evaluation and treatment of PAP smears (Free Hospital for Women)
  • First antiseptic technique utilization during childbirth (BLI)
  • Anesthesia for childbirth (BLI: 1847)
  • Women-run philanthropy to support hospital mission (Vincent Club)

Formation of Our Current Hospitals and Services


Vincent Memorial Hospital merged with Massachusetts General Hospital, bringing Gynecology Services to MGH


Boston Lying-In merged with Free Hospital for Women to form Boston Hospital for Women


Boston Hospital for Women merged with Peter Bent Brigham and Robert Breck Brigham to form Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital became members of an integrated health care delivery corporation called Partners HealthCare Inc. Partners has subsequently expanded to also include Faulkner, McLean, Newton-Wellesley, and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospitals and North Shore Medical Center.


The Obstetrical Service at MGH was launched and the first baby was born at MGH.

History of Our OB/GYN Residency

By 1946, 550 House Officers had trained at BLI


Graduation of first Gynecology Residents at MGH to rotate through Obstetrics at BWH


Graduation of first members of BWH-MGH combined residency


Formation of BWH-MGH Integrated OB/GYN Residency

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