Advocacy, Course Content

Course Content

Faculty Theme
Deb Bartz, MD, MPH Physicians as Messengers: Telling Your Authentic Story 
Erin Tracy Bradley, MD How to Lobby and Testify
Audra Meadows, MD, MPH State Initiatives on Improving Health Disparities: Collaborating with Public Health Initiatives
AK Goodman, MD, MPH Gender Based Violence & International Advocacy
Alison Bryant Mantha, MD, MPH Health Disparities – Federal Lobbying and Bridging Research to Lobbying
Alison Packard, MD Collaborating with Community Stakeholders
Liz Janiak, ScD Research to Drive Health Policy
Misha Pangasa, MD Resident and Faculty Advocacy Training Opportunities
Maya Behn, Medical Student The U.S. Court System: How Medical Cases Move through the Judicial Branch

Health Equity Rounds

Health Equity Rounds (HeqR) is a quarterly case conference series that aims to review cases that come up from our department for quality improvement, similar to M&J, but with a focus on areas where structural inequity and implicit bias may have impacted patient care.  Takeaways from these HEqR have guided change within our department including best practices for patients with LEP and birth partner accompaniment.  
9/16/21 Language as Lens for health Inequity: Care for Patients with LEP
11/10/21 Respectful Maternity Care
3/31/22 Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorder/MGH Divertisity Statistics Review
6/8/22 Inequity Inbox/BWH Diversity Statistics Review
9/21/22 Inequities in Care for Incarcerated Patients
11/9/22 Mental Health Disparities

Neighborhood Birth Center Trivia Night Fundraisers

Advocacy Committee members partnered with the Neighborhood Birth Center team to host a series of repro equity-themed trivia nights at Trident Cafe, Dorchester Brewery and Aeronaut Brewery to fundraise ~$3700 for the Neighborhood Birth Center, whose vision is to improve birth experiences and outcomes for the Greater Boston Commmunity through a multidisciplinary, free-standing birth center in Boston.  

Smash the Patriarchy! Abortion Fundraiser

In light of the Dobbs v. Jackson decision, a small group of local community advocates including members of our Advocacy Committee, organized an event to bring together the Boston/Somerville/Cambridge community around abortion advocacy with the following goals: 
  • Fundraise for both national and local abortion funds
  • Build awareness of abortion care landscape post overturn of Roe v. Wade and opportunities for advocacy
  • Disseminate educational materials about abortion access
In parternering with Aeronaut Brewery, Indigo Fire Studio, Feet of Clay Pottery, Dirty Dishes Pottery and the EMA fund, this group raised over $3600 for the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Eastern Massachusetts Abortion (EMA) Fund.