Advocacy Partners

a. Mass Medical Society

b. District I ACOG

c. National ACOG

d. Mass ACOG


f. Physicians for Reproductive Health


h. AMA

i. National Council of Physician Legislators

j. Black Mamas Matter

k. Cost of Care

l. Sister Song

m. Mass Department of Public Health

n. Physicians for Human Rights

o. Neighborhood Birth Center

p. EMA Fund

q. MGH Asylum Clinic

Advocacy Articles


1) Op Ed article by Rajesh Reddy, MD, MPH (class of 2023) To Fight COVID-19, the Medical Establishment Must Address Its History of Racism

2) Op Ed article by Divya Dethier,  MD (class of 2021), Megan Evans and Erin Bradley, MD (MGH faculty) Medicaid Needs to Change Its Archaic Rules For Women Seeking Permanent Contraception

3) Op Ed article by Alice Abernathy, MD (class of 2021).  The Lily.  As a Pregnant OB/Gyn, I'm Acutely Aware of COVID-19's Risks.  That's Why I'm Taking the Vaccine.

4) Op Ed article by Samantha Truong, MD Emily Burdette, MD, MPH, Ellen Murphy, MD (class of 2024), OBG Management, awaiting publication. Overturning Roe: Exacerbating inequities in abortion care and OB/GYN training. 

5) Abortion is Okay Movememt. A former advocacy chair and graduate from our program went on to create the a-ok pin. She recognized a need for a radically inclusive way to show support for patients seeking abortion and the a-ok pin can now be seen on providers all over the country.
6) Green Special Issue Racisim in Reproductive Health: Paving a Path to Equity Commentary Article. Truong S, Foley OW, Fallah P, Lalla AT, Osterbur Badhey M, Boattin AA, Mitchell CM, Bryant AS, Molina RL. Transcending Language Barriers in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Critical Dimension for Health Equity. Obstet Gynecol. 2023 Oct 1;142(4):809-817.


  1. Megan L. Evans, Erin T. Bradley, Luu Ireland, and Chloe Zera. How the fall of Roe could change abortion care in Mass. WBUR. 

  2. Barbara Wilkinson, Chiamaka Onwuzurike, Deborah Bartz. Restrictive State Abortion Bans - A Reproductive Injustice. NEJM.

  3. Kathryn E Fay et al. Integrating anti-violence efforts into sexual and reproductive health: Reproductive coercion as a case example. Contraception. 2022 Nov.

  4. Miriam Singer, Deborah Bartz, Lydia Pace. The Role of Primary Care Clinicians in Protecting Access to Abortion Services. JAMA Internal Med.

  5. Michelle Bayefsky, Deborah Bartz, Katie Wilson. Abortion during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Ensuring Access to an Essential Health Service. NEJM