The Residency Wellness Committee was created to advise the residency program about wellness and resiliency. Two residents from each PGY are included on the committee which will prioritize and inform leadership about areas that would impact the whole residency. Some events that have taken place in AY16-17 include:

  • In June, 2016, Dr. Eduardo Hariton, a second year resident, led a session about resident wellness which was held on the HMS Quadrangle. During the session the residents discussed two articles on physician burnout. The session was a great opportunity to check in with the new interns as well as chat about how all of the residents were feeling in their new roles at the beginning of the academic year. The gathering concluded with frozen yogurt from Children's Hospital.

  • In August 2016, a yoga session led by Aida from Health Yoga Life took place at MGH during the resident didactic session. Residents took time to meditate and center themselves and learn techniques that will continue to help them during their training.

  • In the Spring of 2017 each residency class had a weekend retreat on Cape Cod. The sessions were intended for team building and preparing for the next academic year.

  • In March 2017, there were wellness events held to coincide with the ACOG National Wellness Week. Events included a free Soul Cycle Class, healthy breakfast fars at both BWH and MGH and a karaoke night in Boston.
  • In August 2017 the residents and guests went kayaking on the Charles River.  We had great weather that day and the residents were able to relax and enjoy a great event.

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