Alumni Profile

Dr. Jennifer Wu
Class of 2003

What made you decide to pursue OB/Gyn as a career?

I was driven to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology to promote women’s health and improve women’s quality of life. I was not one of those medical students who knew I wanted to do Ob/Gyn from the start. Then during my medical student rotation, I was just drawn to the field and the opportunity to care for women.

What made you decide to go into urogynecology?

I decided to pursue a career in urogynecology in order to educate women about pelvic floor disorders, to increase awareness about these conditions, and to improve women’s quality of life. It is incredibly rewarding to help women with their pelvic floor disorders, and they are so appreciative when their incontinence symptoms improve or when they are no longer bothered by their pelvic organ prolapse. I also really enjoy the surgical aspects of the field. When I was a resident, urogynecology was a fairly new field, and at that time, we did not have a specific Urogynecology rotation. However, my exposure to surgeons at both BWH and MGH helped me to realize that this was the right subspecialty for me.

What made you choose BWH/MGH as your residency?

I chose BWH/MGH for several reasons: the academic rigor, the outstanding clinical and surgical training, exposure to amazing faculty, and the wonderful residents.

What unique preparation did the BWH/MGH Ob/Gyn residency give you for your career?

My training in BWH/MGH enhanced my critical thinking, independence, public speaking, and leadership. I had a wonderful time in residency and think about my time there very fondly.

How does your current position correspond to where you envisioned yourself as you finished residency?

When I was a resident, my goal was to be a residency director. However, in fellowship, I developed a passion for research, and I have remained fairly focused on clinical research in pelvic floor disorders. More recently, I became the Division Director for Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at UNC-Chapel Hill, and although I had not envisioned myself in this position, I am thoroughly enjoying this role.

Do you have a favorite memory from residency?

1. My BWH L&D nights team when I was a chief. 2. Our Shindig get-together in Newport, RI. A number of us from different residency classes went down to Newport, RI one weekend for what we called the “Shindig” (based on Christine Shin). Several of us still get together for a “Shindig” every few years.

What do you miss from residency?

My co-residents. While I still see those in Urogynecology at AUGS on a regular basis, I wish that I had the opportunity to see more of my co-residents.

If you could go back and give advice to your intern class, what advice would you give?

Appreciate this time that you have with your co-residents and the faculty.

What is the most rewarding part of your current job?

The opportunity to mentor trainees and junior faculty.