Alumni Activity


2017 Safon Lectureship Speaker

Dr. Kathy Chen (Class of 1998) was the speaker at the 2017 Leonard Safon Lectureshipi. She spoke on 'Smartphones, Tables, Phablets: Delivering Apps to OB/Gyns.'

2017 Resident Research Day Speaker

Dr. Zsakeba Henderson (Class of 2004) was the 2017 Resident Research Day speaker on April 28, 2017. She spoke on /Turning Data into Action: The Value of Mentorship and Partnership'.

2017 Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine Meeting

The BWH/MGH alumni were well represented at the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine meeting


2017 Beatrice Pitcher Lectureship Speaker

Dr. Ouida Vincent (Class of 1994) was the 2017 Beatrice Pitcher Lectureship speaker on May 2, 2017. She spoke on 'Perspectives in Rural Healthcare.'

Alumni Grand Rounds at BWH and MGH

Dr. Titilope Oduyebo (Class of 2013) was a grand rounds speaker at both BWH and MGH.  She spoke on Zika.

Dr. Neel Shah (Class of 2013) also presented grand rounds at BWH.  His talk was titled 'System Complexity and the Challenge of Too Much Medicine.'

Dr. Errol Norwitz (Class of 1996) gave grand rounds at BWH in February 2017.  His session was titled 'Optimal Time of Birth: Should it be 39 weeks and out?'

2017 Ravnikar Speaker

Dr. Elizabeth Stewart (Class of 1989) was the Veronica A. Ravnikar speaker. She spoke on Alternatives to Hysterectomy: Past, Present and Future.

2016 American Urogynecologic Society meeting

The BWH/MGH alumni were well represented at the American Urogynecologic Society meeting held during the last week of September in Denver, CO:

Aparna Diwan Shah (Class of 2004), Drew Hundley (Class of 2002) and Jennifer Wu (Class of 2003)

Alison Weidner (Class of 1996), Aparna Diwan Shah (Class of 2004), Jennifer Wu (Class of 2003), Cecile Unger (Class of 2012) and Mandy Pulliam (Class of 2003)

Alexcis Thomson (Class of 2016), Shilpa Iyer (Class of 2014) and Sarah Napoe (Class of 2016)

Scholar’s Dinner at SRI

The Scholar’s Dinner at SRI (Society for Reproductive Investigation, formerly the SGI) in Montreal had it’s share of BWH/MGH alumni. Congratulation to these individuals, all of whom have been part of the prestigious Reproductive-Scientist-Development-Program. From left: Kevin Elias (Class of 2012, Gyn Onc Fellow Class of 2016 currently at BWH Gyn Onc), Aleks Stanic-Kostic (Class of 2010, and MGH REI fellow, 2014 currently at Wisconsin REI), Andrea Goldberg Edlow (Class of 2011, currently at Tufts MFM), (Shruthi Mahalingaiah Class of 2008, BWH REI Fellow Class of 2011 currently at Boston University REI), Wendy Kuohung (BWH REI Fellow Class of 2004, currently at Boston University REI), Danny Schust (BWH REI Fellow Class of 1995, currently at the University of Missouri-Columbia REI), and Errol Norwitz (Class of 1996, BWH MFM Fellow Class of 1998,currently at Tufts - Chair of Department).

Class of 1992

The Class of 1992 sent in a ‘throwback’ photo of themselves during the 1992 CWN construction.

Top Row (L-R):
Jim Greenberg and Russell Presley

Middle Row (L-R):
Lenore Soodak, Mari-Kim Bunnell, Elaine Brown and Jan Shifren

Bottom Row (L-R):
Jeffrey Ecker and Kathryn Olson